Loan Program Type:Foreign Nationals who Work in US less than 2 yrs (or Do Not Work in US)  
Loan Amount:$200,000 to $5,000,000 USD
Condominiums:Up to 75% LTV
Single Family Homes:Up to 75% LTV
Second Homes:Up to 75% LTV
Investment Properties:Up to 75% LTV
Loan Programs:3/1  |  5/1  |  7/1  |  10/1  |  15yr Fix  |  30yr Fix and MORE ...
Loan Amortization:15yr | 20yr | 25yr | 30yr  amortization
Payment:Principal + Interest 
Escrow Reserves:Yes ... Most Lenders will Collect for Taxes and Insurance
Cash Reserves:Generally ... 6 to 12 months ... depending on Nationality
Property Use:Primary, Secondary, Vacation Homes + Investment Properties
Property Type:Condos, Single Family Homes, Townhouses, 1-4 Units and MORE ...
Argentinian Nationals:Yes ... We Finance
Venezuelan Nationals:Yes ... We Finance 
Ecuadorean NationalsYes ... We Finance
Chinese Nationals:Yes ... We Finance 
Russian Nationals:Yes ... We Finance
Visa Type:Foreign Nationals 
Borrower's Assets:Verified ... Lender shall Verify Deposit + Cash Reserves + Cash to Close 
Borrower's Income:CPA Letter from Country of Origin indicating Borrower's Income
Debt-to-Income:40% to 50% DTI (total obligations)
Today's Interest Rates:Call for a Quote

Brickel Key Capital

Legal Disclaimer: This advertisement does not constitute an offer (or a loan commitment) to lend. All loan programs, loan-to-value, loan amounts, applicants and property values, property type and property use are subject to lender underwriting guidelines and credit approval. Most loan programs will require verification of applicants tax returns, income, assets, employment and credit score. Not all applicants will qualify for the  mortgage loan products being offered. The loan-to-value will vary based on the applicants individual qualifications, income, assets, debts, liquidity, business experience, past lending history, credit score, loan purpose, loan program and lender guidelines.  All loan programs, terms, conditions and interest rates are subject to change without notice.  Other restrictions and limitations may apply.